1998 Features

12/18/98 - David and Chandra Courtney
A husband and wife team who create traditional Indian music.

12/04/98 - Jean-Michel Daudier
An introduction to this singer/songwriter from Haiti.

11/20/98 - Joel Rubin
Klezmer virtuoso clarinet player and ethnomusicologist, Joel Rubin.

11/06/98 - Zabe i Babe
The sounds of the Balkans in America.

10/16/98 - Blue Star
World Music duo from Germany serves up a Himalaya Suite, where the West meets Tibet.

10/02/98 - Tzimmes
This Jewish music ensemble serves up a spicy portion of Klezmer, Sephardic, and Contemporary Jewish music.

09/18/98 - Peter Chipman
The music of the Maritimes comes alive through this folk and adult contemporary performer.

09/04/98 - Hoven Droven
Contemporary meets traditional with Sweden's Hoven Droven.

08/21/98 - Mack MacKenzie
Q&A session with former Three O'Clock train leader, singer/songwriter Mack MacKenzie.

08/07/98 - Aria
Persian vocalist Aria who has drawn together people from many cultures and faiths on his new CD.

07/24/98 - Boiled in Lead
An exciting and informative interview with Drew Miller of BiL.

07/10/98 - Reptile Palace Orchestra
Interview with the "Balkan Lounge Funk" band.

06/26/98 - Yom Hadash
A band described as a "new day" in contemporary Jewish music.

06/12/98 - Bhangra in the UK
The second of a two-part series on Indian music in the UK -- this week, and interview with the production team Partners in Rhyme.

05/29/98 - Bhangra in the UK
The first of a two-part series on Indian music in the UK -- this week, an interview with Panjabi MC.

05/22/98 - Sabah Habas Mustapha
An exclusive interview with the younger brother of 3 Mustaphas 3 about his solo album Jalan Kopo.

05/15/98 - Global Beat
Profile of a label encompassing African, Native American, and other cultural rhythms.

05/08/98 - More From Les Disques Audiogram
Some hot albums in three languages from the Québec company Les Disques Audiogram.

04/24/98 - Crystal Plamondon
A profile of Canada's trilingual Cajun Queen.

04/17/98 - Wolf Krakowski's Transmigrations
The Holocaust is remembered on the album Transmigrations, by singer/songwriter Wolf Krakowski.

04/10/98 - Reviews from NorthSide and Omnium
New releases of Scandianvian music and "punk-folk."

04/03/98 - Robbie's Contact
A review of Robbie Robertson's new release, Contact From the Underworld of Redboy.

03/27/98 - Daniel Janke
The artist behind Scratch Records Yukon is a Canadian who plays the kora.

03/20/98 - Okapi Guitars
Find out more about a duo in Australia who play their own brand of African music.

03/13/98 - NorthSide Reviews
Reviews of new releases from NorthSide and other labels.

03/06/98 - Brecht Jahr
Background behind this year's Brecht Centenary in Germany.

02/27/98 - Hearts of Space Reviews
Some reviews from the ambient, traditional, and eclectic catalogue of Hearts of Space.

02/20/98 - Bakshish
An interview with the Seattle-based duo who incorporate homemade instruments in their World sound.

02/13/98 - The Natural Musician
A look at music as a form of expression and communication.

02/06/98 - NorthSide
A profile of the American-based label for Scandinavian music.

01/30/98 - Québec Independent Record Companies
Danielle Tremblay overviews some Québec independent album labels.

01/23/98 - Alex Torres y Los Reyes Latinos
An interview with Alex Torres, leader of one of the biggest unsigned bands in Upstate New York.

01/16/98 - The Hitmen
Introducing The Hitmen, a band from Texas with a big world sound.

01/09/98 - Artists to Discover!
Guest columnist Danielle Tremblay looks at some new artists in Québec.

01/02/98 - New Year's Odds and Ends
The first feature of 1998 ties up some loose ends and answers readers' questions.

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