Hoven Droven

Dateline: 09/04/98

Hoven Droven is best known for taking traditional folk and combining it with hard rock -- an unusual combination, to say the least. I spoke to drummer Björn Höglund about the band and their musical direction, and below, in his own words, is a profile of the band and where they are at right now.
We started of very traditionally, playing these old tunes on acustic instruments like congas, acoustic guitar and double bass. But gradually we understood the raw power of the songs and found it very easy to adapt them to more modern instruments. Since we all have different influences, from Charlie Parker to KISS, we all bring different elements to the music. Kjell-Erik (fiddle) is the one with the deepet roots in traditional folk music. He spent a lot of time traveling and recording, talking to, old fiddle players. He learned hundreds of songs from them. I for one had never listened to folk music before I met him....

Goals huh..? Well, maybe make some more money.... No seriously, weīre doing very well, and since we didnīt expect making CDs and travelling around the world when we started, itīs all a bonus from here. We are currently planning a two week tour of Australia, that would be something wouldnīt it ?

Recreating the sound.....well since the albums are played very much live, we have no ploblems with that. We are going to record a new album very soon, and we have some thoughts about arranging it slightly different. But all the songs we are going to record are songs that already works live. We just want to do something different for the CD-listener, that way the live experience can be even more interesting!

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