World Music 101

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Welcome to World Music 101, a series of articles exploring the concept and genre of World Music, as well as specific musical cultures and artists. Below is the growing selection of articles to choose from, each on a different topic. Please feel free to email me with comments and suggestions.

What is World Music?
The challenge of defining World Music, and the role of World Music as a cultural and musical phenomenon.

Jewish Music
An introductory look at the different styles of Jewish/Israeli music, examining the similarities and diferences between them.

Music and Language
Some reasons to listen to music in other languages; the state of music and language on North American radio in relation to the rest of the world.

Alan Lomax
A short biography of Alan Lomax and his role in the field of Ethnomusicology.

Canadian Music
A coast to coast look at Canadian music artists and movements and the country's role in the international music scene.

World Music Step by Step
A series of "How-To" articles for everything from buying albums to introducing your friends to World Music.

Rockin' World
World Music is inching its way into the mainstream with popular acts from other genres borrowing ethnic influences.

Daniel Lanois
A look at the career of this prolific producer, songwriter and musician.

Fine China
Ethnomusicologist Josef Bomback answers questions about Chinese music, including explanations of tonality and the different kinds of instruments used.

Welcome to Bollywood
An introduction to Hindi film music.

World Music and Beyond
In-depth resources for specific musical cultures, providing you with the best artist links, articles, sound files and music purchasing information.

An introduction to the history and characteristics of this Spanish style.

World Music Glossaries
A selection of glossaries covering general World Music terms, styles and instruments.

The Essence of Qawwali
A concise introduction to Sufi mystical music, with a biography of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.