World Music CD Reviews: 1998

Here is the archive of CD reviews from 1998:

December 22, 1998
Finnish fiddles and vocals, as well as Steven Flynn's Rapture Rumi.

December 11, 1998
Konstantin Wecker's new live album, Christmas Memories from John McDermott, Native music meets New Age, and Silinder Pardesi gives himself Exposure

December 2, 1998
Cha-cha to Cuban rhythms, get in touch with your Chakra, ASZA presents innovative World Fusion, and John McDermott sings well-known Irish folk songs.

November 26, 1998
The Saw Doctors, from Ireland, are a folk hit. Putumayo Presents A Native American Odyssey

November 18, 1998
Latin jazz from Mark Gould, Bill Whelan's newest Celtic feat, Anoushka Shankar's debut, and some spicy Salsa.

November 13, 1998
Indian classical music, World sacred music from Sounds True, The Residents put the Bible to music, and Wendy Carlos is back with Tales of Heaven and Hell.

November 2, 1998
Arabian Bellydance, ambient electronic music, and voices from around the world.

October 23, 1998
The compilation Celtic Tides from Putumayo. As well, Danny Alex gets In the Raw, Patti Cohenour sings the poems of W. B. Yeats, and Serah sings about the Senegal Moon.

October 20, 1998
Four diverse Jewish music releases: Kabbala music, Klezmer and Yiddish, Hassidic, and Sephardic.

October 13, 1998
Wolf Krakowski is Unbounded

October 5, 1998
An eclectic array of New Age, Yiddish Folk Songs, Spanish music, and the new one from King Sunny Ade.

September 14, 1998
Hector Zazou's Lights in the Dark is traditional religious music from Ireland, while The New Voice of the North is contemporary Yoik-ing from Girls of Angeli.

September 9, 1998
This Time it's Shirley Lange's debut album.

September 2, 1998
Blue Star's Suite for "The Tibetans", Volume 2. Himalayan music from the German duo Blue Star.

August 24, 1998
Putumayo Presents: Reggae Around the World & Sam Mangwana.

August 17, 1998
Canadian A Cappella from Northern Harmony and a debut from Michelle Glover.

August 10, 1998
It's music from the Maritimes with Peter Chipman and The Henchmen.

August 4, 1998
Some spicy Tzimmes and a re-release from clarinet virtuoso Joel Rubin.

July 27, 1998
Four more from Scandinavia: Hoven Droven, Hege Rimestad, Ruth MacKenzie, and Nordic Roots: A NorthSide Collection.

July 20, 1998
Mack MacKenzie, from Québec, and Danny Boudreau, from New Brunswick, are two of Canada's most talented, but underrated, singer/songwriters.

July 7, 1998
Zabe i Babe is Sarajevo meets America on Drumovi.

July 3, 1998
Dance to the rhythm of Jo-Bey with Lazare Houetin.

June 24, 1998
The Cormack and Ross band finally have a Horse of Stone.

June 8, 1998
Lorraine Rousseau & Robert Carlton, a Canadian instrumental duo, know why It's a Mystery.

May 29, 1998
Reflections by Farhad Besharati is a Persian musical meeting of the traditional and contemporary.

May 15, 1998
SWAP is two Brits and two Swedes -- and one amazing band.

May 8, 1998
Klezmer Katch-up -- some reviews of Klezmer albums that have been hanging around my stereo for some time.

April 24, 1998
Jeff and Mychael Danna have A Celtic Romance on Hearts O'Space; Sabah Habas Mustapha of 3 Mustaphas 3 records an album in Indonesia at Jalan Kopo.