New Reviews: June 8, 1998

It's a Mystery is the debut album by husband and wife duo Lorraine Rousseau & Robert Carlton. The Toronto-based couple met at the Royal Conservatory of Music, a prestigious Canadian music school, in the early 80's and embarked on a career that has spanned concerts, festivals, and television appearances.

Rousseau is a flautist who adds her distinctive melody line to the ten original instrumentals on It's a Mystery. Carlton is also competant and an expert at his craft, providing the acoustic, steel, and electric guitars. A talented ensemble of musicians round out this relaxing, elegant music.

On the Arrow Records label, this album will garner the duo even more airplay exposure than they already have, currently being heard in over 2.5 million Canadian homes on the Cable TV Guide Channel. Perfectly geared to audiences of jazz, easy listening, and even a bit of New Age, It's a Mystery is the perfect musical interlude for a busy day or background for a romantic evening.