New Reviews: November 26, 1998

A Native American Odyssey: Inuit to Inca is the second release in Putumayo's Odyssey Series. The album features artists from many different tribal affiliations, and backgrounds. Coming from Canda, I immediately noticed Kashtin's "Akua Tuta," which was also featured on Robbie Robertson's "Music from the Native Americans a few years back. "Ghost Dance", from Mohican singer/songwriter Bill Millar, appears here for the first time, and is a powerful song of faith and culture. As well, Native traditions from Mexico, the Andes in Peru, and the Amazom in Brazil are featured.

If you have never heard of the Saw Doctors, it is probably because you don't live in Ireland. The Saw Doctors are one of the most popular bands in that country, with number top ten singles in the UK -- in fact, the band holds the honor of having the biggest selling single in Irish history. Songs From Sun Street is the first donestic release of all new studio material by the band, and features fun, upbeat, folky songs that will keep you humming and tapping your feet.