Jewish Music
An introductory look at the different styles of Jewish/Israeli music, examining the similarities and diferences between them.

Joel Rubin
An interview with Klezmer virtuoso clarinet player and ethnomusicologist Joel Rubin.

This Jewish music ensemble serves up a spicy portion of Klezmer, Sephardic, and Contemporary Jewish music.

Wolf Krakowski's Transmigrations
The Holocaust is remembered on the album Transmigrations, by singer/songwriter Wolf Krakowski.

Desert Wind
Jewish musicians who released an album inspired by Jewish mysticism and another one featuring . . . Christmas music?

Yom Hadash
A "new day" in contemporary Jewish music.

Alberstein, Chava
Israel's first lady of song -- bio, discography, booking info, song clips.

Ari Davidow's Klezmer Shack
The ultimate source of information on Klezmer music, with extensive reviews.

Bob Dylan: Tangled Up In Jews
An extremely interesting site that looks at Dylan and his work through his Jewish heritage.

Broza, David
The official web site of an Israeli superstar, known for his heartfelt lyrics.

Cantors Assembly
The largest organization of Cantors in the world.

Chanukah Music Reviews
Some background and music from the Jewish holiday of Chanukah.

Cohen, Judith
Performer and ethnomusicologist specializing in Ladino Sephardic music.

Dana International
Controversial winner of the 1998 Eurovision Song contest in Israel. Many news articles and links to other Dana sites.

Elias, Michael Ian
Vocal artist and composer with studio, film, and tv background, now involved in jewish music -- with Real Audio clips, extensive biographic info.

A celebrated star of Sephardic music, here is a bio, discography, reviews, sound clips, and online ordering information.

Frankel, Judy
A Sephardic singer/songwriter -- here is her bio and information about books and recordings.

Fried, Avraham
Orthodox musical star -- Real Audio song samples, biography.

Hazamir Choir of Helsinki
Many voices coming together to perform Yiddish folk songs.

Helen's Yiddish Dance Page
Eastern European Yiddish folk dance resources, dance descriptions, and dance groups based in Calgary, Canada.

Helzner, Robyn
Information about this performer and her brand of World Jewish Music.

Israel Andalusian Orchestra
A sound with roots in North Africa.

Israel Midi
A huge database of songs including religious songs, modern, klezmer, holidays, and more.

Israeli, Shlomo
Israeli World Music appreciation, concerts, radio programs.

Jewish Cultural Programming and Research, documenting early Jewish music, run by Joel Rubin and Rita Ottens.

Jerusalem of Gold
English language site devoted to the song "Jerusalem of Gold" -- with background information, lyrics, Jewish sources, and musical notes.

Jewish Music Heritage Trust
Preservation, celebration, and development of Jewish music.

Jewish Music Homepage
Online store, audio library, links, Top 10, articles, artist pages, and more.

Jewish Music Network
News, reviews, and features on artists.

Jewish Reggae
Information and booking information for Ron Wiseman, who performs Jewish reggae music.

Joel Rubin Music Ensemble
Rubin is one of the foremost figures in contemporary Klezmer -- reviews, bio, tour dates.

Kame'a Media
The site and production company for Yiddish/Ashkenazic performer Wolf Krakowski.

Kleiner, Fran
Singer of Yiddish music.

Klez Dispensers, The
Klezmer band of Princeton University.

Klezical Tradition
European Jewish music for all occasions.

Klezmer OnLine
A huge repository of bands, links, sound clips, and information.

Kol Echad
Philadelphia-based entertainment for social, corporate, and Jewish communal functions, with bio and sound clips.

An excellent source of information and sheet music for Klezmer musicians.

The Hora Jerusalem Choir which specializes in Ladino songs.

Listen Up!
Jewish four-piece a cappella ensemble performing Klezmer, jazz, pop, country in Hebrew, English, and Yiddish.

Lior Ben Moshe: Israeli Pressings
Illustrations of Israeli pressings of vinyl albums by popular artists.

Moroccan Tunes
Real audio clips and information about Sephardic Jewish music.

Much more than just a site for an Israeli record company -- search, shop, and listen to Israeli rock, pop, dance, and jazz. In Hebrew and English.

Radio Hazak
See and hear Israeli music.

Rebbe Soul
Six piece World Music band with a strong Jewish influence -- music samples, news, member profiles and photos.

Robert Brody Jewish Songs
RealAudio cantorial and Hebrew melodies from Cantor Robert Brody.

Shlock Rock
A Jewish rock band -- with a name like that, they have to be good!

Shalom America
Popular American Jewish radio program hosted by Phil Fink.

Skier, Mark
Dubbed the "home of Jewish rock," this site outlines Skier's current projects and musical background.

Solnik, Tanja
Albums, lyrics, reviews from this Jewish folk singer.

Tasat, Dr. Ramón
Concert and lecture schedules for his Sephardic and Ladino music.

Israeli folk singer with a klezmer/flamenco sound.

A Jewish music ensemble performing Klezmer, Sephardi, and Folk in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino.

The Western Wind
A cappella vocal ensemble with a repertoir including a huge selection of Judaica.

Yiddish Voice
Yiddish language radio program in Boston. Site includes RealAudio clips and is mostly in English.

Yom Hadash
A contemporary American Jewish band performing origial songs and liturgy set to upbeat music.

Zamir Chorale of Boston
Biography, resources for those into Jewish music, available recordings.

Interactive databse of Jewish songs in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino.