Cordes en Folie

Dateline: 11/12/99

Cordes en Folie is a World Fusion band. Here is a feature from earlier in the year about the related band ASZA.

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Paula: Your audiences include pretty much everyone -- you donít specifically play to francophones?

André: Weíre not intending our market to be francophone. of course, it will be a big market for us because we speak French and come from a very traditional instrumental French background, but I think our market is wide open. World Music is getting bigger and bigger, and thatís what we play, World Beat,. Weíve played in English folk festivals on the West Coast and people just loved it, so we want to open a wide market for sure.

Pierre: Especially where we live -- we live in Vancouver. Itís multi-cultural, so even though there is a strong French community there is also Italian, Portuguese, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian.

All photographs © 1999 Paula E. Kirman

Special thanks to the L'ACFA régionale d'Edmonton for their help in arranging this interview.

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