Cordes en Folie

Dateline: 11/12/99

Cordes en Folie is a World Fusion band. Here is a feature from earlier in the year about the related band ASZA.

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Musical Goals

Paula: What are your musical goals as Cordes en Folie; what do you hope to achieve musically?

Pierre Pierre: To be original. I donít know if original is the right word, but to keep growing in the direction that we have created, going for a unique sound with the vielle and the drums. Weíre trying to keep this direction of being creative as much as we can. We donít try to be fidèle, purists. We donít rely on one tradition; we donít want to play traditional Middle Eastern music or French. We use all these instruments, the possibilities, our skills, to create something which is our own.

André: For example, weíll use an old French traditional dance from the Middle Ages, and weíll use an Arabic rhythm to play it. So all of a sudden itís a whole new piece. Itís a fusion of rhythms and approaches. So thatís the goal of the group really, to develop a very unique sound so if people hear us on the radio, theyíll say ĎOh, Iíve heard these guys before.í Now itís a matter of spreading it -- another goal is to tour as much as we can.

Pierre: To find our own expression, to express ourselves as artists, as musicians within this trio.

Paula: Most of your music are your own compositions. When you compose is that pretty well a group effort?

André: So far itís been somebodyís got an interesting tune and plays it and the other guys say Ďthatís neatí and then we see what we can do with it. Pierre and I have gotten together a few times to collaborate on things like lyrics. Thatís another goal of the group, is to do a few more vocals. The majority of our performance is instrumentals but we are starting to do a few more vocals.

Pierre: One of our goals as well is not to be classified as francophone or anglophone because even if itís in French, we try to play more with the music of the language.

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