Francis Cabrel and Hugues Aufray

Dateline: 08/27/99

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Chacun sa mer! is France troubadour Hugues Aufray's latest album. Aufray is best known as the French Dylan, in so small part due to the fact the he has recorded several albums of his own translations of Bob Dylan songs.

The album is on what appears to be a small, independent label (Wargram Music). Since I don't know very much about Aufray's musical career, I can't really comment on how this came to be. What I can comment on, however, is the music. Fourteen songs about roving on the sea with lots of Celtic overtones, is the best overall description of the album. Aufray has the voice of an aging seaman, having a world-weary quality to it. My favorite song on the CD is the title track, "Chacun sa mer . . . chancun son vent!" which I first heard on the show Vivement Dimanche back in April. I find I am liking the album more and more with each listen -- a good sign it will be a mainstay in my CD player for a long time to come.

Francis Cabrel

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