Online Shopping Sources

Acoustic, instrumental New Age music.

Afrisong Records
A downloadable catalog of African music, or browse online by artist or country.
Calypso, Soca, Chutney, Pan, and Parang music.

Arabic CD
Order CDs and listen to music online.

Arabic Music Stand
Arabic music compilations.

Arae International, Inc.
Specializes in modern African music, with online catalog of CDs and videos, and audio clips.
Gifts from Asia, including the latest hits on CD.

Brazilian music for sale. Site is in Portugese.

Moroccan underground dance music.

Billboard Book Series
Information about Howard Blumenthal's listener's guides, including the World Music CD Listener's Guide.

Booklines Hawaii
Largest distributor of Hawaiian music, books, and video in the world.

CD Europe
Featuring CDs from Germany, Holland, and Japan.

CD Ireland
CDs, cassettes, and videos from Ireland.

Celtic High
Over 1500 available titles for Celtic music.

Latin and Native American Web directory and CD store.

Critiques of Québec albums, and a catalogue of albums, books, and videos.

Desco Records
"Heavy Funk" -- 45's, CDs, concert listings.

Digelius Nordic Gallery
Music from the Baltic area, particularly Latvia.

Drums of the World
A huge selection of drums and percussion instruments from Africa, India, and other parts of the world.

The ultimate source on the Web for French language music imported from France, as well as books and videos. The prices are reasonable and products are usually shipped within two weeks.

Hawaiian Music Island
Over 1000 albums, as well as videos and books from the Big Island.
Online Indonesian music shop that also promotes arts and culture.

Irish Music Store
Information on their artists, new releases, charts, and Irish entertainment in general.

Israeli and Jewish online music store with Hassidic, trance, folk, video, and more.

J&R Latin Music
Collection of Latin music for sale from all styles.

Jamrock Cultural Productions
Distributor of Caribbean music, books, and video. Catalog online and ordering information.

Lark in the Morning
Hard to find instruments, world music books, recordings, and videos.

Lems-Dworkin, Carol
Publisher and author of books about African performance and music.

LP Music Group
Specializes in Latin percussion, with a marketplace, online magazine, and al ist of clients that cinlude Tito Puente and Don Alias.

Manila Music
Music from the Philippines.

Mostly Music
Huge resource for Jewish music -- Yiddish, Children's, Sephardic, Klezmer, and more.

The MPB Zone
Online Brazilian music & book store, links to home pages of Brazilian musicians and notable articles about Brazil and Brazilian music, organizations, instruction, record label links, and more.

Music Express
Very fast service from this company which specializes in German CDs.

Neelam Audio and Video
North Indian cassettes and CDs.

The first Internet mail order service in German for Indian classical music.

Persian Dot Com
Multimedia site with recording information about Persian artists and how to order their albums.

Planete Laser
From Switzerland, featuring French, Italian, and Spanish titles.

Public Radio Music Store
Support public radio.

Indian music of all styles and languages.

Rainbow Walker
Native American music.

RBC Online Catalogue
A source for Russian music and video, with online sound samples.

Riddim Music
Huge selection of Reggae music.

Seacoast Music
East Coast Canadian Maritime music specialists.

Sounds of Scotland
A comrephensive source for music from Scotland.

Stallion Music
Chinese, Cantonese, and Taiwanese sounds.

Stone Bells
Gongs, cymbals, bells, singing bowls, and other percussion instruments for sale.

Tropical Discs
A Hawaiian music store where you can search for your favorite artists.

White Cliffs Media
Books and CDs about African, folk, and world music.

Windsome Chimes
Wind chimes for sale.

World Groove
Steel panmusic from Gregory Boyd, as well as other musicians, for sale.

World in Tune
Educational program about World Music for K-12, using hands-on techniques, from Carousel Publications, Ltd.

World Music Store
Online source for traditional music and dance.