Lullabies of the World

Dateline: July 7, 2000

Ellipsis Arts has a series of albums of lullabies that will lull your children to sleep and entice you with sounds and rhythms of the World. Celtic, African, Latin, Brazilian, and World Music for Little Ears, a sampler of sounds from all four releases, these albums present the best of the World's most mellow music.
I spoke to Joe Surico about the series, released in conjunction with The Relaxation Company, Ellipsis' sister company.

Paula: What has the feedback to the series been like?

Joe: The public reaction to our lullaby series has been wonderful. The series remains a constant best- seller for Ellipsis Arts. Each individual release has won Parents Choice Awards and American Library Association awards. We are featured in numerous parenting magazines as well.

Paula: I found it interesting that there is one collection for Latin America, and a separate one for Brazil. Why did you decide to separate the two, since Brazil is a country in Latin America?

Joe: While there could be some slight overlap, there is tremendous diversity & distinction too. For example, Brazilian Lullaby is just that - rare Brazilian lullabies. Latin Lullaby features music from Mexico, Spain, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Cuba, Argentina, and yes, Brazil. I guess you could call it a Latin melting pot!

Paula: What are your future plans with the series?

Joe: The World Music for Little Ears or Lullaby Series is an ongoing series. We plan to release Mediterranean Lullaby, Island Lullaby, and our latest release Guitar Lullaby, by Ricardo Cobo. Guitar Lullaby is a beautiful collection of classical pieces from America, Spain, France, Cuba and South America. It is a strictly instrumental release, and has been clinically tested and shown to be 40% more effective than other lullabies. So we don't recommend parents listening to this while operating heavy machinery or driving!

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