Lullabies of the World

Dateline: July 7, 2000

Ellipsis Arts has a series of albums of lullabies that will lull your children to sleep and entice you with sounds and rhythms of the World. Celtic, African, Latin, Brazilian, and World Music for Little Ears, a sampler of sounds from all four releases, these albums present the best of the World's most mellow music.
I spoke to Joe Surico about the series, released in conjunction with The Relaxation Company, Ellipsis' sister company.

Paula: What is The Relaxation Company? What is its purpose and how is it connected with Ellipsis Arts?

Joe: The Relaxation Company is about creating tools & services to help people relax and enhance their overall feeling of well-being. We believe realxation tools open possibilities for people in terms of health, productivity, and vitality. The Relaxation Company has been creating these tools for over 10 years.

Ellipsis Arts has established itself as one of the few record companies to permeate & transcend its individual releases. We are all about creativity and we have managed to take obscure musical worlds and fashion extraordinary and insightful projects that have met with critical & commercial success.

Paula: What was the root of the idea for a series of albums containing World Music lullabies?

Joe: The CEO's wife had a baby - that's how we came up with the concept of creating a series of releases devoted to lullabies from around the world- see, I told you we were creative!

Paula: How did you go about finding material for the albums?

Joe: In order to find material for these releases, we contact hundreds of labels, producers,and artists. We then go through a lengthy research and screening process to collect the material for each release.

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