African Visions
Many contemporary African artists are based in France. Here are some releases from Touré Touré, Sally Nyolo, and others.

Miriam Makeba Celebrates her Homeland
South African legend Miriam Makeba releases her first studio album in six years.

Touré Touré
An interview with Daby Touré, one half of the Senegalese duo.

An all-women group performing music of the African diaspora.

African-Australian Cultural Homepage
African musicians in Australia, instruments, and history.

African Performance Clearninghouse
Part of African Studies program at the U of Wisconsin, with performance schedules and tours of African music in the Wisconsin area, and bulletin board for performances seeking sponors, shows seeking musicians, and more. Aims to list all performances by African artists in North America as soon as they get word of the tours and to post those artists who are looking for gigs and presenters who are looking for performers.

Afro-Caribbean Music
A non-commercial site devoted to the promotion of Afro-Caribbean culture through its music.

Artists, links, news, and much more.

African Music Homepage
Focussing on specific artists, there are lots of links and contests.

Arae International
An introduction to modern African sounds, with reasonably-priced CDs and videos for sale.

A to Z of African music resources on the 'Net.

Black Music Archives
Black music artists and styles from around the world.

Blondy, Alpha
An independent site for the reggae star from the Ivory Coast.

Chief Udoh Essiet
Performer from Nigeria who presents traditional West African High Life music.

Children of Uganda
Information about a CD recording and tour by a group of Ugandan children.

Cora Connection
A straight-forward site about the Manding music traditions of West Africa.

A performer who wants to bring attention to the Ewe (Ghanian/Togolese) style of drumming. Find out about his projects.

Djo Gbe
Information and educational opportunities in the US about this ancient African dance ritual.

East African Music
The music of Eastern Africa.

Fela Kuti Lives On
A memorial page for Fela Kuti.

Highlife Time
Music reviews, audio files, Ghana music awards and musc more.

ILAM - International Library of African Music
List of publications and videos available to order, with features on specific aspects of African music, such as the Mbira.

Kidjo, Angélique
An entire Web site devoted to this Afrofunk diva.

Kombuis, Koos
An unoffical site in Afrikaans which appears to originate in South Africa.

Kuti, Fela
A site dedicated to the controversial late singer and activist.

Lems-Dworkin, Carol
Publisher and author of books about African performance and music.

Maal, Baaba
A traditional African male vocalist -- learn about his background and recordings.

Madagascar Music on CD
A comprehensive list of all known Madagascar music recordings on CD, compiled by Ian Anderson, of Folk Roots magazine.

Mbaye, Jimi
Sengalese guitarist.

Mbira Homepage
Traditional instruments and Shona music from Zimbabwe.

Music from the Sudan
Very cute animated graphics and Real Audio clips.

Music is the Weapon of the Future
A semi-unofficial Fela Kuti page run byt his record company's Japan representative.

Musiques Afro-Caribéennes
In French, profiles of performers from African traditions, or who combine African with Island influences.

N'Dour, Youssou
A popular African vocialist known for his work with Peter Gabriel, among other international recording stars.

N'Dour, Youssou, #2
Pictures, discography, reviews.
African music pages with links, informatino about languages, African guitar, books.

Okapi Guitars
A guitar-based African music pop sound from a duo in Australia.

Petit-Pays & Papillon
A duo performing West African dance music; this is a site from their record company.

Home of African Hip Hop -- lots of good stuff here, withlinks, interviews, reviews, and much more.

SA Music Page
Information and links about South African artists.

Samite of Uganda
African musician and songwriter; this site offers tour dates, product information, and a bio.

South African jive, dance, and swing.
Information on African percussion instruments and instruments for sale.

Spirit Talk Mbira
Ensemble of musicians united by the mbira.

Dance, rhythm, and harmony from Zimbabwe.

Part of the Folk Roots pages, a band performing the roots music of Madagascar, with biography, discography, and concert dates.

Traoré, Moussa
Biography of accomplished djembé player.

Traore, Samba
Sound files in MP3 format, with artis information.

West African Music
Articles about music and instruments of West Africa.