Touré Touré

Dateline: March 17, 2000

Touré Touré is an African band from Senegal and Mauritania. The members speak French and perform in the languages of Toucouleur, Soninke, Wolof and Pular.

Toure Toure Touré Kunda was a band from the African country of Senegal that was at the forefront of putting African music, and World Music in general, on the forefront. Touré Touré is the next generation of musicians from this royal family line, featuring the cousins Daby Touré and Omar Touré. Laddé (Tinder Records) is the duo's new album and features a variety of songs with themes such as friendship, the African life, and love. The vocal harmonies are underscored by delicate acoustic guitar work.

I spoke to Daby Touré when the duo was in New York on an American promotional tour. Daby said that living and working in the shadows of their famous parents and uncles was not easy when trying to forge their own sound.

"We have a lot of youth, a lot of African traditional music, and we have our parents who would play a lot of music when we were growing up and serenade us with all different kinds of music when we were growing up," says Daby.

Daby says that he and his cousin felt a lot of pressure because of the musical dynasty from which they come. "Coming from that musical background people always think that we should do better."

Each song on the album Laddé has a different meaning and inspiration, many with personal overtones and themes. "It is very difficult to say which one is my favorite," Daby says. "All the songs on the album have a very different, special meaning to us. Each song was written because of that specific importance; each song has its own color."

Currently, Touré Touré has plans to tour Africa and then the United States in July.

The goals of Touré Touré, according to Daby, are simple. "We want to spread peace and love with our music. We want people to live in harmony and peace. The meanings of most of the songs reflect that."

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