Abby Rabinovitz's Flute Story
Fusing Her Jewish Roots with the Sounds of the World
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Paula: What are your goals as an artist?

Abby: A hard question. I could write about the CDs I want to do next, the concerts I hope to play, the different ensembles I work with, workshops I teach. I could write about the new pieces I am starting to compose. Or, I could write about the ways I believe that music has the power to heal and how I hope to learn and grow and do more, perhaps in hospitals or hospice situations. (This is a new direction for me.)

My goal is to create something beautiful that has the power to move people. When I play---alone or in concert---I strive to go deep within myself and to connect with something greater. And I hope to reach out through the music to those around me so we can experience a connection together.

My goal is to keep dancing.

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