Abby Rabinovitz's Flute Story
Fusing Her Jewish Roots with the Sounds of the World
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The intent behind most World Fusion projects is to combine musical influences from different cultural influences and countries. In the process, sometimes the distinctive elements of these musical styles become so meshed together, that the overall sound becomes an incoherent blend.

Abby Rabinovitz has avoided this musical pitfall. While her sound draws heavily upon her Jewish roots, with a solid Klezmer base, she also incorporates aspects of Indian and Latin music. Her album We Used to Dance, showcases her versatile and skillfull flute playing, especially because of the fact that she communicates many different emotions through her music.

Rabinovitz is highly musically educated, with intense study of the flute, Jewish cantorial music and North Indian bamboo flute, Western classical music and jazz. Abby Rabinovitz She received acclaim for her previous recording, Flute Stories and continues to creatively entice listeners with her eclectic approach. I spoke to Abby Rabinovitz about a variety of musical issues, particularly how her own culture has influenced her.

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