Russian and Australian Musical Worlds Collide
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Paula: How has living in Australia influenced your musical direction?

Zulya: As I mentioned before, it influenced me greatly. I have been very fortunate to work with Martin Tucker, an extraordinary multi-instrumentalist (he playes kora, mbira, kalimbas, flutes, piano, various percussion - virtually anything!). He introduced me to "World Music". I have been hooked ever since. I don't know how people can live without it?! My first album is called Journey of Voice and features songs in 9 different languages. Ever since I have been inspired to learn from different traditions.

Paula: What are your goals as an artist?

Zulya: My short term goal is to explore the links of Tatar music with various other cultures and traditions that employ similar scales - Irish, Hungarian, certain African, some Indian scales, Arabic, Mongolian. In fact I am working on a new album which will address some of these themes. I am writing my own songs. I know it's a huge topic and would appreciate any feedback and suggestions.

More of a long-term goal is to keep collaborating with artists from various backgrounds and share my music with as many people as possible.

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