Didgeridoo Net picks
Resources and Information About the Didgeridoo

Blowing on the Didgeridoo
Didgeridoo player and expert Phillip Jackson discusses various aspects of the instrument.

A didgeridoo reference center with playing tips, information and music.

Aboriginal Australia
A company owned by Aboriginal communities, they sell didgeridoos and instruction materials.

News, reviews, information, links.

Didgeridu UK
Resources for didgeridu players in the UK, including information on buying, selling, markets and events.

Artists, record companies, resources.

About the making of the instrument and didgeridoos for sale.

Didgeridoo University
From the Aboriginal Art and Culture Centre in Australia.

For those who like didgeridoos
Reviews, history of the instrument, how it is made.

Hand crafted didgeridoos and music too.

Yidaki Page
Yidaki is another name for the didgeridoo. Sound files, images, links.