Blowing on the Didgeridoo
Expert and Musician Phillip Jackson Discusses the Instrument that is Taking Over the World of Music
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For Phillip Jackson, the didgeridoo is more than just an instrument: it is a way of life.

Ever since Jackson, a native of Montreal, Canada, moved to Australia, he became fascinated with this ancient and deceptively simple instrument. He embarked upon travels throughout the country, studying playing techniques and learning the instrument. As well, he learned a great deal about the origins of the didgeridoo, especially about the aboriginal culture from which it comes.

Jackson is now an Australian citizen (accent and everything!) but makes his home currently in Brighton, United Kingdom. He leads didgeridoo workshops throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK, as well as having recorded and written an instructional series.

He also performs with the band Jambience, a World Fusion emsemble that incorporates traditional instruments and sounds, particulary Middle Eastern percussion, flameco and blues with modern genres such as rap, jazz and trance/ambient. Jackson's contribution to the band includes guitar, percussion and, of course, didgeridoo.

Phillip Jackson Jackson has a vast amount of knowledge about the didgeridoo, an instrument which is at the forefront of World Music yet is often misunderstood, with cheap imitations masquerading as the real thing. I asked Jackson several questions about the didgeridoo and learned a great deal about what it is like to play, how to tell if one is authentic and something about which I have been curious for a long time: how it got its name.

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