Jewish/Israeli Music Net picks
African Music, Traditional and Contemporary

Jewish Music
An introductory look at the different styles of Jewish/Israeli music, examining the similarities and diferences between them.

Joel Rubin
An interview with Klezmer virtuoso clarinet player and ethnomusicologist Joel Rubin.

This Jewish music ensemble serves up a spicy portion of Klezmer, Sephardic, and Contemporary Jewish music.

Wolf Krakowski's Transmigrations
The Holocaust is remembered on the album Transmigrations, by singer/songwriter Wolf Krakowski.

Desert Wind
Jewish musicians who released an album inspired by Jewish mysticism and another one featuring . . . Christmas music?

Yom Hadash
A "new day" in contemporary Jewish music.

Alberstein, Chava
Israel's first lady of song -- bio, discography, booking info, song clips.

Ari Davidow's Klezmer Shack
The ultimate source of information on Klezmer music, with extensive reviews.

Bob Dylan: Tangled Up In Jews
An extremely interesting site that looks at Dylan and his work through his Jewish heritage.

Broza, David
The official web site of an Israeli superstar, known for his heartfelt lyrics.

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