Dateline: 12/10/99

Atracao is a Label which specializes in Brazilian music. Brazil is, of course, a country in Latin America.

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The Future

Paula: What releases are you right now particularly excited about?

David: Pescuma - From the state of Mato Grosso, Pescuma performs a type of local music named Rasqueado (a variation of country music) Projeto Almirante - Tom Jobim, Paulinho da Viola. An instrumental recording from the Funarte series.

Beto Barbosa - Beto has already sold over 17 million CDs in Brazil. His new CD with Atracao is a mixture of soca (zouk), lambada and forro. Irma Inez - Sister Inez performs gospel music performed in a rap style. Dori Caymmi - Cinema: A Romantic Vision. Dori's versions of cinema classics such as the James Bond Theme, the Pink Panther theme, etc.

Paula: What does the future hold for Atracao?

David: Atracao currently possesses in its cast of artists the largest phenomenon of the last years in the genre of pagode/samba - the group Os Travessos, a mega national success who have been dubbed the Backstreet Boys of Brazil. Their first CD has sold over 300,000 copies (not to mention the thousands of pirate versions available). We are currently recording their second album. We are also recording a CD by a sertaneja duo named Lucas & Matheus who mix Brazilian country with European pop. We've also got a few local rap artists in the studio preparing material for the new year.

We've just released CDs by two new pagode artists - E Demais and Juventude S/A - who look likely to follow in the successful steps of Os Travessos. Our site has been in operation since June and has opened up a whole new market to us. Rather than being "restricted" by the buying-trends and budgets of retail stores, we can now get our releases "revealed" to customers nationwide.

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