Dateline: 12/10/99

Atracao is a Label which specializes in Brazilian music. Brazil is, of course, a country in Latin America.

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Choosing Artists

Paula: How do you choose what artists to distribute on the label?

David: The long-term strength of a Brazilian label lies in its domestic repertoire. The record market (and its promotional philosophy) is geared more towards national artists. They sell more.

We have a network of A&R and marketing people around the country tuned into the local music scene who understand the opportunities and limitations within their particular region. You could make a comparison between Brazil and, say, Europe. Each region has its own particular culture, traditions and musical styles.

We also release CDs that only sell during, for example, the Carnaval in February or during regional festivals. For example, we picked up on the boi bumba movement in the Amazon region around 1996 and released a series of CDs by local artists that sold well in the region during the boi bumba festival held in June on the island of Parantins in the Amazon. One of the bands, Carrapicho, later on sold more than one million CDs in Europe. Because of the success of boi bumba, particularly in France, we were able to "export" the music from the Amazon to the rest of Brazil.

For releases in the major cities like Sao Paulo we are, to a certain extent, dependent on the prevailing trends.

Paula: What are your goals as a label?

David: We continue in the same line as usual - comercial releases combined with quality releases. One gives financial satisfaction, the other artistic satisfaction. Happiness is when we can combine both.

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