The Week on Record, Part Two

Dateline: 09/24/99

I get a lot of new releases from many different Labels. You can buy many of them Online.

Last week I started to take a look at some great new World Music releases this autumn season. And there certainly is plenty to choose from.

Salif Keita is the golden voice of Mali. Papa (metro blue) is his latest album, and takes African musical tradition and fuses it with Western styles, in part thanks to collaborating with Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid on producing duties.

Global Fusion (Erato) is an appropriate title for Indian classical violinist L. Subramaniam's latest offering. The five compositions embody a wider ange of musical cultures and instruments, including koto, tavil, erhu, and tablas.

I am always excited to get new releases from NorthSide. The only North American label that distributes Scandinavian music, the label's three latest releases include Mark II from Sorten Muld, a band which takes Nordic folksongs and presents them in the genres of jungle, hip hop, and techno; Anon from Anon Egeland, a solo album from a fiddler well known in Norwegian and Swedish circles; and Bask from the Swedish trio of the same name.

Dissidenten is a World Fusion group from Germany. Live in Europe (Blue Jackel) features live renditions of some of the band's best-known work such as "Instinctive Traveler." Saxophone great Charlie Mariano is a special guest.

Another one from the Blue Jackel label is Maferefun from Tony Martinez & The Cuban Power. The exciting Afro-Cuban rhythms fill the CD with elements of jazz, funk, and traditional Latin influences.

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