Voice of Tarika
Popular Madagascar Band Explores Indonesian Music
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Tarika is Madagascar's most successful musical group. Led by the outspoken and charismatic Hanitra Rasoanaivo, Tarika performs music that is heavily steeped in Indian and Oceanic influences, with a modern twist.

An interesting tidbit about the cultural background of most Madagascar natives, is that they are often believed to be African in origin. However, Madagascar culture's roots lie in Malayo/Polynesian ancestry from Indonesia.

Hanitra (pronounced "Anch") spent a month in Sulawesi, Indonesia to explore these unique cultural roots. As a result, the album Soul Makassar was born. The album was recorded in London and Indonesia, and features Indonesian musicians in addition to Tarika's multi-instrumentalists.

Soul Makassar Cover I spoke to Hanitra about Tarika's latest musical project, as well as about the band and Madagascar music.

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