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Senegalese Performer Baaba Maal Speaks Out About His Homeland
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Paula: You composed the songs on acoustic guitar and I hear on the CD that the songs stayed acoustic in sound. Was this a decision on your part to make an acoustic album?

Baaba Maal: Yes, it was my decision to do that. For a long time I wanted to do something like that. This is how I really began my career, with albums like Baayo or Djam Leeli. I really wanted to come back to the style of a melody that is something people can listen to; something more natural and more relaxed.

Paula: What inspired your songwriting on the album?

Baaba Maal: I wanted to say things about Africa especially, and how I see life when I am travelling around the World. When I am talking about Africa, it is about how Africa will grow into the new millennium. This is why I really wanted to make the music like this, so people can listen more to the music and the messages I was talking about.

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