Liu Fang's Passionate Pipa
Traditional Chinese Music is in Her Heart and Soul
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Paula: What or what are your musical influences?

Liu Fang: There are several aspects in my musical influences:

The first influence is traditional singing. Partially because my mother is a opera actrice, I had chance to list to traditional opera singing and a lot of folk songs in my childhood. This has been so deep in my heart, so that when I am playing a tune, I am singing in my heart. When I playing a sad tune, I am crying in my heart. I often heard from listeners that they heard singing in my music.

I love poetry and painting. This hobby helps me understand Chinese tradition, which in turn helps me interpret classical Chinese music.

I also love Western classical music and the traditional music from other cultural circles such as Indian, Japan, Persian, Vietnamese and Arabic music. I cannot say how much these traditions influence my musical understanding, but surely they help me in communicating with the musicians and audiences alike from other cultural backgrounds.

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