Liu Fang's Passionate Pipa
Traditional Chinese Music is in Her Heart and Soul
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Paula: What do you like best about performing live?

Liu Fang: I enjoy playing. Even when I practice, I wish somebody would be there listening. I enjoy performing in public, as I like the atmosphere in a concert hall with many people where I can feel the spiritual and emotional vibration of the atmosphere. I would say, I enjoy everything about performing live. I always feel happy when I have a concert. I feel a little depressed or lonely when there is no concert for a long time. I also enjoy the time immediately after the concert to share the feelings and ideas with friends and music lovers, listening their impression and understanding about the music. I often learn much from them. In particular, I am very moved when somebody comes to me with tears in their eyes, telling me how much they enjoyed my music. This happens quite often after the concerts. I feel that my music is loved and appreciated by many people, which is great motivation for me to continue my career. Like many other musicians, quite often I also have to face financial difficulties, because a lot of our income is used for travelling. But I don't care. I love my career. I also enjoy travelling: such as sitting in a plane dreaming, or staying in a hotel. Comparatively, I don't like talking with people as much, because it is too easy to have misunderstandings because of language. By making music, I feel the freedom and joy that I can never have by talking.

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