Let Us Break Bread Together
Further Explorations of the Afro-Semitic Experience
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Paula: How long have the two of you been making music together, and what brought you together in the first place?

David: Warren and I have been playing together since late 1995 or so. We first met at a jam session in Hartford and then continued playing jazz together quite often, usually in my band, Bassology.

Warren: About four and a half to five years. Gigs, and perhaps Destiny are responsible for two artists who complement each other so well in many respects, coming together. David called me for a job at a Hotel where he held a regular appearance with his Bassology group. I knew he would be a trip to work with.

Paula: What are your musical backgrounds, respectively?

David: Our musical backgrounds are pretty different. I was raised on Beethoven, punk rock and British art rock music with a dab of jazz. I came to jazz in my late teens as I became increasingly frustrated by the limited expression offered by popular music. I found my inspiration in the merging of jazz and world music by artists such as but not limited to Charlie Haden and Jim Pepper. But I was also grabbed by the tradition of jazz as a whole so much so that I began to study it seriously and intensely and eventually wrote a doctoral dissertation on misunderstanding of the relationship between written music and ear playing in the early tradition of the art form. While in school I learned about so many different musically traditions and approaches that I sometimes, despite deep consideration, cannot be certain where my ideas come from.

Warren: I was surrounded by musical and sensual things from very young. I come from a family of preachers and singers and began singing at age four in the church choir. All kinds of music was heard in the Byrd home. Yet, most important was a father who knew how to plant the seeds of curiousity in his youngest son's head. That comprises the stock what would come in time and the foundation of what I could bring to it. Eventually, I had performed as an actor and sung in choirs, played for other singers, and absorbed a lot of music by the time I was out of High School, of all kinds, but Jazz was what made my mojo heat up. I continue to play and listen to and search for different musics.

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