The Chieftans

Dateline: January 7, 2000

All of these releases come from a variety is a Labels. A lot of hard to find World Music you can buy online.

From the Beginning . . . The Chieftans 1-4 (Claddagh/Atlantic) is a must-have for any serious Chieftans fan or those interested in Irish music. A four CD boxed set containing the band's first four albums, From the Beginning captures the first sounds of the most influential Irish traditional band around today. This is the second release of compilations of the Chieftan's early work, the first being the The Very Best of the Claddagh Years. Claddagh partnered with Atlantic earlier this Fall, and was founded forty years ago to preserve and promote the best of Irish traditional music.

For many, childhood is a time associated with innocence. Song of Innocence (Angel/EMI) is intended to capture that feeling of the young spirit, in a collection of musical dialogues between the voices of children and musical instruments rom different countries and cultures. All original compositions from Hughes de Cuorson and Tomàs Gubijtsch, the only vocal soloists on the album are the children, who themselves come from the four corners of the earth. Almost surreal in effect, real dielcts are mixed with imaginary languages, while the orchestration is ethereal and other-worldly, performed by the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra.

Oliver Sudden Productions is a label dedicating to preserving traditional musical forms. Based in Montreal, much of the label's repertoire focusses on Asia and the Far East. Sampler Vol. I ia a wonderful introduction to what Oliver Sudden has to offer, featuring Chinese, Vietnamese, and Latin sounds.

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