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Whiskey in the Jar from The Buccaneers
Format: MP3 (4.3 MB)

"Metallica Stole it. We're stealin' it back," says the band on their page at This self-described "aggressive Canadian folk band" has an ear for Irish tradition. "Whiskey in the Jar" is filled with the sound of tin whistles and vocal harmonies. Originally from Winnipeg, and now in Calgary, The Buccanners was formed in 1997 and released their first album in 1999 entitled Prairie Shanty, from which this version of this ballad of betrayal was taken.

Hotel California (roots version) from Moonraisers
Format: MP3 (4.0 MB)

You've never heard the Eagles' classic like this before! Reggae/folk/Afro-acoustic ensemble Moonraisers, consisting of eight musicians from the French part of Switzerland, present a Rasta-rootsy version that demonstrates why this band is gaining popularity in Europe, playing around 300 concerts and festivals a year.

Arrivederci from Moreno Veloso
Format: MP3 (3.18 MB)

A young Brazilian singer and composer who has burst onto the music scene in his native country, Veloso has already toured with Gilberto Gil and his father, samba poet Caetano Veloso. Moreno combines elements of samba, MPB (mùsica popular Brasileira), bossa nova, and electronica in his music -- not bad for someone who has spent most of his recent time completing his PhD in Physics!

"Shaking the Tree" from Youssou N'Dour and Peter Gabriel
Format: RealAudio

When Senegalese artist Youssou N'Dour teamed up with pop icon Peter Gabriel in 1990, the result was not only a huge hit, but a true example of World Fusion in action. A song with a strong message about the changing nature of womanhood, Gabriel and N'Dour's vocals complement each other in this memorable, multi-lingual song.

"20th Century Girl" (click on "New MP3 11/00") from Pizzicato Five
Format: MP3

Pizzicato Five is from Tokyo and combines many musical styles from electronica and trance to the chanson of Serge Gainsbourg. "20th Century Girl" is off the band's latest North American release, The Fifth Release from Matador. Matador is the band's label.

"Ramadan" from Imad Rami
Format: RealAudio

In honor of the month of Ramadan, the holiest time in the Islamic religion, this piece is an example of nasheed. Nasheed are Islamic songs, usually sung in Arabic, and traditionally only contain the instrumentation of vocals and drums.

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