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"Pintante Los Labios Maria " from Eliades Ochoa
Format: WMV

The guitarist of the renowned Buena Vista Social Club, Ochoa is also a smooth singer. This example of his brand of son music demonstrates his versatile talent.

Chinese Model Opera
Format: Real Audio

The above link contains four examples of Chinese Model Opera, as well as a concise explanation of this musical form. Also known as Revolutionary Opera (and also Ballet), they were pieces composed during the mid 1940's containing themes of the Communist revolution and aimed at the average Chinese person, rather than the upper classes.

"Le Telawe'eyni" (first track on page) by Oum Kaltoumb
Format: MP3

Likely one of Egypt's most important vocalists, Oum Kaltoumb's traditional Arabic music feature sinstrumentation including lute, flute, violin, electric guitar, electric organ and piano. She rose to popularity as the British rule in his country began to diminish and Egypt strove towards freedom. Her songs are still extremely popular in Egypt.

"Who Got the Money" by Shabba Ranks
Format: MP3

Shabba Ranks is a classic performer combining rap with reggae. His work has influenced the likes of Queen Latifah, and Maxi-Priest. He could very well be the most influential living reggae master. With his trademark gruff voice, the Jamaican-born Ranks has brought reggae to a very wide audience.

"No Ka Moku Kiakahi Ke Aloha" by Keali'i Reichel
Format: MP3

Born as a native in Hawaii, where both the traditional language and natives themselves were dying out, Keali'i Reichel began learning chanting and the Hawaiian language at the age of seventeen. Now residing in California, Reichel is a superstar on the Hawaiian Music scene, incorporating traditional chants with modern pop. He sweeps the annual Na Hoku Hanohano Awards (the Hawaiian form of the Grammies), and his debut album in 1994 is the biggest-selling album in Hawaii's history.

"I Shot the Sheriff" by Bob Marley
Format: Streaming MP3

Bob Marley is one of those rare artists that barely needs an introduction. Poet of the Jamaican masses, revolutionary and the King of Reggae music, Marley rendition of Eric Clapton's "I Shot the Sheriff" brought his music to a wider North American audience, topping the charts and making him a household name. The same link above also has the classic songs "No Woman No Cry" and "Get Up Stand Up."

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