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Born: February 29, 1960 in Sidi-El-Houri, Oran, Algeria.

Background: Born in Algeria, Cheb Khaled (Cheb meaning "kid," a term adopted by several Arabic singers to mock the term Cheikh which refers to a respected elder) in Algerian society) relocated to Paris to avoid political persecution. In a millieu where international sounds are readily accepted in the day to day musical world, Khaled has become an international recording star, perhaps the best-known international act who records in Arabic. The style of Khaled is rai, a popular form of Arabic music full of social and political criticism -- in fact, rai means "opinion" in Arabic. Khaled is known as the King of Rai, and has incorporated Western influences into his music.

Selected Discography:

Sahra - Island, 1996
N'ssi N'ssi - Mango, 1993 - Produced by Don Was -- a must-listen!
Khaled - Barclay, 1992
Kutchie - Intuition, 1989