Arabic Music

Arabic Music and Beyond
Resources for artists, sound files, reviews, articles, and more.

4Arabs Music
Over 200 Arabic songs in RealAudio format, as well as music for sale.

Abdoo's Homepage
Sound clips from Arabic artists.

Arabic Music Info Source -- sound clips, reviews, buy music, and more.

Arabic MP3 Songs
High quality Arabic MP3 files.

Arabic Music Info Source
Where you can buy Arabic music, along with recommendations of what to buy.

Arabic Music Page, The
Formerly a page for the Usenet group, it is now more general in its focus with information on various styles and aspects of Arabic music.

Box Entertainment
Huge collection of RealAudio samples of Arabic singers.

Children of Paradise
Tribal belly dance rhythms.

Christmas Songs
A collection of Arabic Christmas songs.

El-Khawli, Rabih
An Arabic singing superstar born in Lebanon.

Four musicians who combine musical influences from Turkey, the Arab world, and Greece.

Hafez, Abdel Halim
Egyptian vocalist popular in the 50's.

Inshallah (God Willing)
An essay from about the popularity of Islamic music.

A fast-loading set of RealAudio sound clips.

Khalid Hussein's Homepage
A very interesting page about Palestinian culture, including some songs -- very Java-heavy.

Archive of Libyan music files.

Libyan Music
Real Audio clips of Libyan music.

Middle Eastern Music: Translated Song Lyrics
Translations into English of over 40 popular Middle Eastern songs; including Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Armenian, and Greek.

Music of Lebanon
Arabic music jukebox, with lots of songs and links.

Music of the Maghreb
Information about music from Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco.

Oud Home Page
Information about the Oud, a Middle eastern lute.

Pop music from Maghreb.

Egyptian vocalist with an international flavor and a repertoire in Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian, and English. Video and sound clips (Quicktime required), bio, recording info, news.

Smiley's Arabic Song Page
RealAudio clips of Arabic songs. Extremely slow loading, with lots of Java.

Stars of the Oasis
A band of young Arab musicians with a variety of Middle Eastern influnces.

Sultan, Amin
Lebanese singing star now based in North America.

Takht Attourate
Band performing Egyptian instrumental and vocal pieces.

Umm Kulthum
Resources for this Egyptian songstress.