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Paula's Picks
Your Guide to World Music presents some of her favorite MP3s.

MP3 Collections of <
A tour of the MP3 collections from Music Guides as well as your opportunity to subscribe to the MP3 of the Day newsletter.

Abdoo's Homepage
Sound clips from Arabic artists.
Streaming video on demand.

Arabic Jukebox
Hundreds of Arabic songs to download from many different artists.

Arabic MP3 Songs
Collection of high-quality Arabic songs in MP3 format.

Clips from French rock and pop artists like Stereolab and Mana Negra.
Asian music MP3 files and music for sale.

Asian Classical Music MP3 Page
Music recorded from out of print cassettes from Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, Korea, Vietnam and elsewhere.

Box Entertainment
Huge collection of RealAudio samples of Arabic singers.
Directory of downloads of Latin music in MP3, Liquid Audio, and other formats.

El Mariachi
Hundreds of Mariachi sound clips in Real Audio.

Entrada Externa
MP3s of many hit songs in Spanish and English.

MP3 downloads from World Music artists.

A fast-loading set of RealAudio sound clips.

Huge collection of French songs to sing along with.

Libyan Music
RealAudio samples of Libyan music.

Los + Votados
A large collection of Spanish MP3 files.

Sound clips from French New Age artists.
Global radio in streaming audio.

Music from the Sudan
Very cute animated graphics and Real Audio clips.

Musical Notes from Eastern Europe
Live broadcast of traditional and contemporary Eastern European music.

Real Audio broadcasts -- choose what music you want to listen to.

Robert Brody Jewish Songs
RealAudio cantorial and Hebrew melodies from Cantor Robert Brody.

Sardeshmukh, Chandrakant
MP3 sound samples of this sitar player.

Smiley's Arabic Song Page
Java-heavy page of Arabic songs in RealAudio.

Quechua Songs
Real Audio clips of traditional Andean songs, with lyrics.