A Conversation With Michel Rivard
Thirty Years of Music and Melodies
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Paula: It's been a number of years since Maudit Bonheur, your last album, came out. What have you been doing musically since then?

Michel Rivard Michel: I've been writing for other people. One thing that I'm pretty proud of, I wrote words for a choral piece that involved 2000 chorists. That was in the year 2000. Two thousand amateur chorists from all over the province of Quebec. Marie Bernard, who was my collaborator on Un trou dans les nuages and me to write a 20 minute piece, and it was called "Vaste-est la vie" and I think they sang it three times. It was gorgeous. I worked a lot of time on that. I went back to the theatre; I did a tour of a French play called Variations Enigmatiques, a play by Eric-Emmanuel Schmidt. We did that at the TNM in Montreal, the Theatre du Nouveau Monde, and a few months later we did a three-month tour with it in Quebec. And, most important of all, I had a TV show, Studio TV5 which was like a dream come true - an hour and a half of music television without commercial breaks, and we had carte blanc as long as they were d'accord [OK] with me. I had the pleasure to invite musicians, songwriters, singers that I really loved. People my age, people older than me, people younger than me, and we sat in a circle and just played music, and we filmed the rehearsals. It was a really a nice package, I was very happy to do that, and I did that for two years. And after that I was really anxious to go back on the road.

Paula: Did you know from the start that Studio TV5 was only going to be a couple of years?

Michel Rivard Michel: Well, I'm a little bit sad that they did not ask us for a third year. I wouldn't have done it, because I wanted to go on tour, but I wish the show would have continued without me.

Paula: It was a really great show. How did you move from the role of being a singer/songwriter to the role of being a show host?

Michel: I've always had a foot in many things. I've been hosting some galas, some awards, the Gala De L'ADISQ in Montreal - I hosted that for two years. I've hosted the SOCAN gala for about three years. I'm an actor also, so it's kind of easy to go from singer/songwriter to being an actor or just being a TV person. It's not what I like the most [laughing] but this show, I was the host, but I was also a part of the band. I sang backup with all these great singers, and it was really nice.

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