Spreading the Sound of Peace
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Paula: Do you feel that music has the power to break down cultural barriers?

Serah: Absolutely yes. It has broken down barriers historically and is still doing so. It is part of the role of the Arts, I feel, to inspire, help and heal human needs. (This is why I was grateful to be invited to give the concert at the World Peace conference of the United Nations). I think music and lyrics potentially can do so much, as can film and all the arts. We have certainly seen a kind of spiritual leavening in human thought throughout the twentieth and now twenty first century, but we clearly still have a long way to go. It's really all about love, isn't it? -- love and respect for our world family. The Arts can nurture this process of spiritual growth in a comforting and hopefully, sometimes fun way.

Paula: What are your goals as an artist?

Serah: My goals are, as the previous question/answer implies, to give what I can to inspire, heal and bring compassion, insights, joy and fun. Music and songs have always been healing for me, others' songs and music as well as my own creative process. It is my hope that the music I bring will inspire renewal, peace, love for all, and goodness in all its wonderful aspects as much as possible.

Paula: What do you hope most that listeners will take away with them after hearing Wing of Mercy?

Serah: I hope that each one who listens will feel substantially comforted, inspired, and "in a better place" after listening to Wing of Mercy, each in their own way. I hope that the healing intent of each song will reach each one right where they are, who they are, what they need. I hope to inspire hope and faith in our Higher Power, the One Infinite Mind that is Love and Life and that thoughts will be lifted to a sense of being that feels that Presence. When we are inspired we can bring a gracious poise and wisdom into the challenges and sometimes overwhelming terrain of human experience. The "cover song" that I did, "I'm Not in Love" originally by 10 CC, was meant to be a fun song, and to me fun is feeling the normal joy and humor that life is meant to include.

Paula: What are your future musical plans?

Serah: I am currently working on a new album which should be finished soon. In fact, at the moment, we had somewhat miraculously finished a session 2 days early, the evening of Sept. 10, the night before the terrible devastation of the terrorist attack in New York and Washington, D.C. All the musicians (from all cultural and religious backgrounds) have been praying together ever since. At the time of this writing, we are still together on the third day after, and still praying deeply for all mankind , indeed all creation ; for world peace ,for wise solutions ... I know most of the world is joined now each in their own way holding hands as it were ... with immense selflessness, compassion, and love for all.

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