Garou and Christian Braut

Dateline: 09/10/99

There is a lot of great French language music from Quebec and France. The best place to purchase music from France is FNAC In the United States, music from Quebec can be ordered from Version Française.

Christian Braut Christian Braut is a singer/songwriter from France, who, with his debut album 24 heures à ses côtès is already dealing with some pretty heady company. His drummer, Claude Salmieri, and sound engineer, Ludovic Lanen, have both worked with Francis Cabrel. Like Cabrel, Braut uses a wide range of musical styles in his compositions, sometimes drawing on non-Western musical forms like reggae. "First and foremost, I'm more concerned by the beauty of voices, melodies and lyrics," says Braut of his musical influences. "Among the french artists I listen to, I could mention Serge Gainsbourg, Jean-Jacques Goldman, Francis Cabrel, Georges Brassens, Véronique Sanson, Liane Foly, Jean-Louis Murat, Jean-Louis Aubert... Among international artists, I like very much Kate Bush, Donald Fagen, Depeche Mode, and Sade." You can buy 24 heures à ses côtés from his Web site.

Photo of Christian Braut © 1999 Christian Braut


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