Psychic Enemies Network

Dateline: 08/20/99

Listen to some MP3 music samples from Psychic Enemies Network. There are other bands that combine different musical genres in the World Fusion set of resources.

Paula: What are your goals as a musical artist?

Matt: To make electronic music that is not goofy pseudo-futuristic disco.

John: Me, I've always been interested in music that pulls you out of your head and puts you in a particular place. And, hey there are enough bands throwing down those slammin' beats these days. I'd rather listen to them than be them.

Paula:What other projects are you working on right now?

Matt: A big beat folk project with Michael Georgiades called "Small Doses".

John: I'm splitting my time between an improv based/non-jazz band with trumpet, bass, voice and drums, and doing the goofiest gigs of my life with a completely obsessively authentic western swing band (The Curio Cowboys). Matt and I are also working on the next Psychic Enemies Network. This one seems both more edge-y and more accessible at the same time. But it is too early to tell what its final form will be.

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