Psychic Enemies Network

Dateline: 08/20/99

Listen to some MP3 music samples from Psychic Enemies Network. There are other bands that combine different musical genres in the World Fusion set of resources.

Paula: How did you choose your name -- obviously it is a spoof of the Psychic Friend's Network, but did you ever think it might give people the wrong impression about your music?

Matt: It refers to a loosely organized coalition of psychics, formed in 1945 who pool their abilities to influence world events. Their main tool is said to be thought projection. The idea is that a group of psychics, properly tuned, distract or hypnotise the right person at the right moment to change the course of history. The person who has received the projection, (often someone only indirectly involved in the event being prevented or caused) is usually left with a short gap in memory and a nagging sense of disconnection or deja vu. The side effects of receiving a psychic projection vary and there are casualties of this process.

This coalition has no name. Their story interests me and I thought it would be funny if they called themselves that. Besides, Def Leppard was taken.

John: Yeah, and all the names I came up with were too laden with obscure references... too pretentious.

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