Googoosh and the World

Dateline: August 18, 2000

Visit Googoosh's official Web site and learn more about her, and also hear some excellent music samples in RealAudio. Here are some general resources about Iranian music.

Googoosh After a twenty year absence, Googoosh is back. Still the top-selling Iranian entertainer of all time, she has fans who are too young to even have ever seen her perform live -- an accomplished actress as well as a singer, only videotapes of her old films could bring her haunting beauty to a new generation.

Googoosh was silenced following the Islamic revolution in Iran, in 1979. Her work, along with that of many other artists, was deemed "subversive." She had a choice -- she could have left her homeland like many of her colleagues, start a new career in a new country, and kept on doing what she loved -- singing and acting. However, she chose to stay behind a wall of silence.

Now 50, she is returning to stage and screen. She is set to begin shooting a new movie in Canada, Cuba and Mexico under the direction of her husband, Massoud Kimai.

But much to the joy of her fans, she embarked this past summer on a World tour, bringing her to over a dozen venues in Canada and North America. Googoosh admitted in the press that she was a bit nervous, but her concerts, seen as huge cultural events due to her popularity in her home country, were widely received by the media and audiences alike.

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