Boiled in Lead: Current Projects

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Paula: What projects are you working on at the moment, either as a band or solo?

Drew: Adam's big project is the birth of his first child in July. He also runs his own label, Fabulous Records, which has released a CD by the Tim Malloys, a group on the local Irish scene. He's also working on a solo album.

Robin has a new release Omayio forthcoming from Candessence, a new Rykodisc imprint. He's also been doing a lot of traveling, from Mexico to Morocco to the Far East.

David has been battling cancer for the past 6 months; but he seems to be winning!

And I have a dream job, running three record labels which release all sorts of music that I truly enjoy, from the experimental sounds of The Residents on ESD, to the amazing tunes and musicians from Scandinavia on NorthSide, and the music on Omnium, my own label, where I get to work with other bands that have a similar vision to BiL. I get to do a lot of graphics work, as I design and produce all our CD packages. Since January 1997, we've put out 32 CDs on all 3 labels combined! It's all great music.

After Adam's baby is born, we'll probably do an acoustic Minneapolis show in the fall, and also play a standing gig we have in Mexico. And then it'll be St. Patrick's Day again!

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