Boiled in Lead

Dateline: 08/06/99

Visit Boiled in Lead's official Web site. You can also find their online fan club. Omnium is the band's label.

Last year, Boiled in Lead celebrated 15 years of World Fusion music with the release of the retrospective ALLOY, a retrospective featuring many new mixes and previously-unreleased live versions.

I spoke to Drew Miller, the band's bassist and owner of Omnium, the band's record label, last year about all of the changes in the band over the years and how they have affected the music; how they integrate their many musical styles and maintain their hard-edged sound; and current and future projects.

Consider this a treat for the many die-hard fans of BiL ("leadheads," as they affectionately call themselves), and an excellent introduction to the uninitiated.

The Interview