Sounds of the Saharan Desert
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IWM: What do you want your listeners to learn from your music?

T: We want them to enjoy it, and to learn about the desert, about what a beautiful place it is, and why we’re proud to have it as our home, we want them to learn about how hard life is there too, about what struggles the Tamashek have endured, and what can be done to make the future better.

IWM: Lastly, I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your Radio Tisdas and Amassakoul recordings. Your albums have clearly inspired me to study, in-depth, the musical and linguistical culture of the Tuaregs in Mali, Libya, Algeria, Mauritania, and Western Sahara.

T: That’s great, but the only way you’ll find out about us and where we live is to come out there and see for yourself!

Matthew would like to thank the members of Tinariwen, on behalf of Inside World Music, for their gracious input and cordial conversation amidst a busy schedule.

Article © 2005 Matthew J. Forss

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