Liu Fang's Passionate Pipa
Traditional Chinese Music is in Her Heart and Soul
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Paula: What are your goals as an artist?

Liu Fang: I don't have a particular goal. But I do hope to be able to collaborate with many composers, to let them understand deeply the character of the instruments so as to compose great works for the pipa and maybe with other instruments. I also wish to compose my own music. My background is traditional Chinese music. Since I moved to Canada, I have had good opportunities to contact with other traditions in the World and play with master musicians such as Debashish Battarcharya (Indian slide guitar), Yegor Dyachkov (cello), Yoshio Kurahashi (Japanese shakuhachi), Kohei Nishikawa (Japanese flute), and Tran Van Khe (Vietnamese zither). Recently I have produced a CD featuring cross-overs of Arabic and Chinese traditional music with Farhan Sabbagh (Arabic ud and percussion) under the Canadian label of Philmultic Management and Productions Inc.. I wish to continue with the collaboration with master musicians from other traditions and gradually to be able to compose my own music by integrating the elements from different cultures. I also wish to introduce classical Chinese pipa and guzheng music to every corner of the World.

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