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Dateline: May 26, 2000

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Isn't Ireland beautiful at this time of year? Spring and Summer are the seasons of weddings, and in honor of love, Claddagh Records offers Wedding and Love Songs. A Celtic celebration of romance, this Irish wedding album features an all-star lineup of like Derek Bell and Dolores Keane.

Speaking of Dolores Keane, There Was A Maid (Claddagh/Atlantic) is the domestic release of Keane's 1978 debut which highlighted the traditional Irish vocal style she performs so well. Sparingly instrumented, the focus is on Keane's heartful voice throughout the album's ballads and lyrical songs.

I am heading over to Cuba nowto listen to some Garifuna drumming, Cuban son, West African guitar, and the blues. Where will I hear such a diverse assortment of styles all at once? On Parada: Africa in Central America (Erato/Detour). Performed by authentic Paranderos -- descendents of African slaves whose ship crashed near the Caribbean island of St. Vincent who then mixed with the local natives creating the new culture and language Garifuna -- most of these performers are in their 60's, 70's and 80's, the remaining handful of their culture.

Heading back overseas to Africa to listen to some Donso Ngoni Songs from Tambacounda performed by Samba Traore. Performed and recorded on location in Senegal, these are songs of praise and stories presented by Traore solo on vocals and a traditional stringed gourd.

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