Gabriel Yacoub
The Simple Things He Said
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PK: This is the second time in a little over a year that you have toured the US - what has brought you back again?

GY: Well, actually, we were last here last January in 2002, and the plan was to try to come - well, what I did in the past was to come roughly once a year for a tour. The conditions and the political situations were no great for that tour but we did it anyways.

PK: Do you find there to be any major differences between American Audiences and French audiences?

GY: Yes - the main thing which is more obvious to me, is the way people react. Not only on the part of the audience but most of the time after the show people come and they like to talk and express their feelings and their emotions which is very, very different for us because in France people tend to keep things inside of themselves. They don't want o show their feelings and that is very rewarding in a way because you have a feeling that you gave something to people but they have given it back to you because they react and they come and talk. Very often a lot of people in the audience come and talk, which is really nice.

PK: Last year you released two different albums within a couple of months of each other, one in France and one in the US. What made you decide to do that?

GY: Actually, I was thinking that the records we were releasing in France, in Europe very often are quite produced - you know, lots of musician friends coming, arrangements and things. When I come over here to the USA except for one or two times I came on my own and I think people might be a bit lost, if they listen to the record compared to what they listen to when I am performing live. So I thought I should do a record especially for the American market. The record didn't come out in France, with very few arrangements, all acoustic, and also, a few, like I sing one or two maximum songs in English, so of course I put those two songs on this record. It was directed to the American audience, for people who don't understand a word of French or who like what they see live, the very simple acoustic set.

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