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Paula: Which artists and musical styles are your musical influences?

Larry: Oh, they are legion. The two Bob's, Dylan and Marley, The Clash, Beatles, Mozart, Miles Davis, Sean O'Riada, all the traditional ballads that I heard growing up. Rebel songs. You name it. I'm probably leaving out people who have had a big influence but there are so many.

Paula: How long was Kilroy Was Here in the making, both in terms of the songwriting and the production?

Larry: Probably just over a year but there was quite a long thought process before that. And now, even though the urge to make Kilroy has gone, I find I'm being influenced by the songs and the sounds thereon myself.

Paula: Do you have any comments about the current situation in the United States?

Larry: Well, apart from the obvious heartbreak of 9/11, I would say that we've now left a period of yuppy angst and are residing in interesting times. I find myself turning on 1010WINS a number of times a day to find out what's going on in Afghanistan. It should also be a time of deep reflection, though, as well as action. On a national level, why is the US so vilified in foreign (especially Arab) countries? And how can we go about correcting this?

It is also very important to differentiate between patriotism and nationalism. The former a boon, the latter a flock of chickens that will someday come home to roost. Allowing our government to sweep in fat cat laws and budgets will eventually hurt the country irreparably. And as for using military courts - well, anyone connected with events in the North of Ireland in the last 30 years know that such courts are an abomination. A strong democracy has no need of secrecy. An open Democracy may be a messy system but its the only just one.

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