How to Buy World Music Locally

Foreign World Music CDs can be hard to locate in shops, but can be usually special ordered -- if you know what to ask for.

Difficulty Level: average      Time Required: 30 minutes

Here's How:
  1. Go to your favorite CD shop.
  2. See if the CD you want is in the proper section.
  3. If not, go to the front desk.
  4. Ask the clerk, giving pertinent information like title and label.
  5. Wait for clerk to look up the information in the store's computer database.
  6. If the information shows that the store carries the CD, special order it.
  7. If no information comes up, ask to see a copy of the World Music Catalogue (any good CD shop will know what you are talking about).
  8. Look up the album under the list that appears alphabetically by the artist's last name.
  9. If the album is there, there will be enough information provided to special order it.
  10. If the album or artist is not listed, take your shopping online!
  1. The World Music Catalogue is two large phonebook sized volumes listing artists in alphabetical order, with a list of available recordings by title and ISBN number.
  2. If your clerk does not have a copy of the catalogue, try another store. Any good store will have one, or something similar.
  3. Many releases from Europe can only be special ordered, as the labels do not have North American distribution.

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