How to Get Friends Interested in World Music

Share your love of World Music and introduce your friends to it in a gentle, non-threatening manner.

Difficulty Level: average      Time Required: 60 minutes

Here's How:
  1. Invite one or more friends over.
  2. Play a few favorite World Music pieces on the stereo.
  3. As your friends what they think of the music.
  4. If you get a negative reaction, ask what they don't like about the sound.
  5. If you get a positive reaction, play more in that genre.
  6. When you get a chance, point out that many popular artists like Sting and Peter Gabriel use World Music influences.
  7. If your friends are still not impressed don't push the issue -- try again at another time.
  8. If you friends enjoy the music, recommend CDs to them, loan them some of yours, and turn them on to resources to learn more.
  1. Don't force your opinions and be respectful of those of others.
  2. Be wary of too much of a good thing -- don't overload your audience.